[Snort-users] SNORT and Emulex DAG

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Thu Nov 13 13:41:26 EST 2014

Posting this again under specific subject of Emulex DAG

Still unsuccessful in getting the SNORT init.d script to work using an
Emulex DAG card.  I have modified the scrip and it works just fine when
executed via command line (/etc/init.d/snort {start|stop|restart} but when
executed at boot the error in the messages file is:
snort [2440] Daemon initialized, signaled parent pid: 2439
snort [2440] Reload thread starting...
snort [2440] Reload thread started, thread 0x7fc5c404e700 (2441)
snort [2440] FATAL ERROR: Can't start DAQ (-1) -dag_open /dev/dag0:
Permission denied.

The Snort process gets 99% through startup but fails at the point above.  A
successful start from command line shows:
snort[2499]: Daemon initialized, signaled parent pid: 2498
snort[2499]: Reload thread starting...
snort[2499]: Reload thread started, thread 0x7f8bf7a0e700 (2500)
snort[2499]: Decoding Ethernet
snort[2499]: Checking PID path...
snort[2499]: Writing PID "2499" to file "/var/run//snort_dag0:0.pid"
snort[2499]:         --== Initialization Complete ==--
snort[2499]: Commencing packet processing (pid=2499)

I've tried changing permissions and/or ownership of the /dev/dag0 symbolic
link plus many other "tests" all to no avail.
Any recommendations are appreciated.
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