[Snort-users] Snorby usage

Pradeep Mocherla saipradeep7 at ...11827...
Wed Nov 5 16:51:27 EST 2014

Hi, I'm new to snorby. I'm doing a project where I need to create 3
machines to be installed in a virtual box. One for attacking, one more for
observing and other one as a victim. Now I'm using security onion for
observing attacks, Kali Linux to attack and again linux as a victim. Now I
have few doubt's regarding usage of snorby in security onion.
How to set the ids to monitor the victim IP address that is Linux address
I.e where do I need to change the setting.
Second one, how to change the rules to snorby or view the rules in snorby??

Thanks in advance,
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