[Snort-users] Snort snort.conf unable to load rules from local.conf

Priya Agarwal priyaiitmandi at ...11827...
Mon Nov 3 04:50:14 EST 2014


I am trying to run snort in NIDS mode on my ubuntu 12.04. I am following
the guide snort on Ubuntu 12 LTS and 14 LTS.

I followed all the steps properly but still snort.conf is not able to load
rules from local.conf. I further installed banryard but even that is not

I have set the permission for /etc/snort correctly using the following
command. sudo chmod -R 5775 /etc/snort
and I have also included the following line in snort.conf
include $RULE_PATH/local.rules

I tried reinstalling to ensure I haven't missed any steps but even now it
is not working. I have no idea where is the problem. Please help.

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