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no ya don't ;)  you've forgotten about "detection_filter" which is what the old
in-rule thresholding is now called...

eg: alert tcp $HOME_NET 21 -> $EXTERNAL_NET any (msg:"LOCAL.RULES FTP
Brute-Force login attempt (1) -- BLOCKED DESTINATION";
flow:from_server,established; dsize:<100; content:"530 "; depth:4;
pcre:"/^530\s+(Login|User|Failed|Not)/smi"; classtype:unsuccessful-user;
detection_filter: track by_dst, count 5, seconds 300; sid:100000001; rev:5;)

kinda.  detection_filter doesn’t limit the number of alerts like threshold did.  That’s still threshold.

* threshold is deprecated:

-- use detection_filter in a rule to prevent it from generating events until the limit is reached

-- use event_filter outside a rule to limit the number of events logged

See README.filters for details.

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