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Personally, I think the only good "free" solution to this is combining Snort with some sort of full packet capture.  I personally use both streamDB and OpenFPC, and have hacked BASE to allow lookup to both of these.  Snorby can use both of them (although last I checked only one or the other) in a similar manner.

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Hi Matheus,

I've asked almost this exact question before and didn't really receive a decent response.

I have a sensor sitting in between my proxy and my internet connection.  The IDS alerts on various things, but it only provides the data that trips the alert.  It doesn't provide the preceeding 'x' number of packets that contain the metadata.  Makes it very difficult to troubleshoot if you can't determine the 'x-forwarded-for'.

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Hey guys,

Im beginning to muddle around with tagging, can seemingly get the rules to fire off quite easily and tag 'full' packets for x amount of time, bytes etc ...

But then this gets lumped into the U2 files and processed by Barnyard2 --> what im wondering is how the packets in addition to the alerting packet get processed by BY2 output so that it would come up as the whole payload in a snorby or tripwire interface...

any takers?
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