[Snort-users] Help w/ barnyard2 issues

Moore, Jim jmoore at ...16816...
Tue May 20 14:41:42 EDT 2014

I have 2 issues w/ barnyard2 2.1.13 running on a Fedora 19 box.  The box
has 3 sensor interfaces w/ 3 snort instances and 3 barnyard2 instances.
Each of the barnyard2 instances is writing output to a fast alert file
and a remote Postgresql database.  The first problem occurs during
barnyard2 startup.  When the instance initializes the database
connection it encounters a fatal error like so:

ERROR database: Query [SELECT sig_id FROM signature WHERE (sig_sid  =
'17688') AND (sig_gid  = '1') AND (sig_rev  = '9') AND (sig_class_id =
'9') AND (sig_priority = '1') AND (sig_name = 'BROWSER-IE Microsoft
Internet Explorer userdata behavior memory corruption attempt'); ]
returned more than one result

So far, the only fix I have been able to come up w/ is to hand-remove
the existing row from the signature table and restart 1 barnyard2
instance.  The 2nd instance encounters the same error, so I repeat the
process for all 3 instances.

The second problem involves creating ASCII log output.  I have found
what appears to be some kind of error using BASE 1.4.5, in that the
packet data logged w/ some alerts does not match the patterns defined in
the alert signature.  To help isolate the source of the problem I wanted
to create ASCII log output along w/ database logging so I could compare
the two results.  But I have not been able to get ASCII log output at
all.  What would I have to do to generate ASCII log output?  Run a
separate barnyard2 instance just for ASCII logging?  Run a separate
snort instance w/ ASCII log output?

Jim Moore

James J. Moore, Network Administrator
NexTier Bank
245 Pittsburgh Road
Butler, PA  16001
jmoore at ...16816...
Phone: 724-214-6205
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