[Snort-users] Default rule set

Sallee, Jake Jake.Sallee at ...15646...
Sun May 18 01:43:08 EDT 2014

Well crap.  

I'm sorry, for some reason my mail went to you instead of the list.  This only seems to happen on the SNORT list, on all the others I subscribe to I can just hit reply and it will go to the list but with the SNORT list it will send it directly to the individual who sent the email and not the list.

It is a cruel coincidence that it should happen to the guy who explicitly states NOT to contact him off-list. 

I am sorry, it was completely accidental.  I definitely do not expect you or anyone else to work for free for me.

I will re-send the email, and this time I will make sure it goes to the list.

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From: waldo kitty [wkitty42 at ...14940...]
Sent: Saturday, May 17, 2014 8:04 PM
To: Sallee, Jake
Subject: Re: [Snort-users] Default rule set

On 5/17/2014 4:33 PM, Sallee, Jake wrote:
> Firstly, thank you all for the info, it has been very helpful.

you are welcome... however, please note three things...

   1. my signature specifically asks that list traffic be
      kept on the list.

   2. i do not provide private assistance without a contract. ;)

   3. YM wrote the stuff about using the pcre stuff to add
      the necessary policy to ET rules and then let PP use
      that to enable the rules. you can also, instead,
      specifically enable those ET rules you want using
      the enablesid file... AND you can do both if you
      need to...

so, please resend your post to the list so that YM and others can see it and
provide the answers you seek... i don't run PP (yet) so i cannot help there at
all... but i will say that you do appear to have understood the two options that
YM pointed to... just note that the second one, modifying the ET rules to add a
policy setting to them, may not work and YM says that he needs to test that again...

see ya on the list! ;)

  NOTE: No off-list assistance is given without prior approval.
        Please *keep mailing list traffic on the list* unless
        private contact is specifically requested and granted.

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