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If you use the "security" ruleset (vs the connectivity or balanced ruleset) then you will end up with around 6K rules. Balanced is a several hundred fewer, I believe. The criteria for what each ruleset consists of is found on the snort.org site. It has to do with age and criticality, basically.

Pulled Pork has an option in the config file to do this automatically. Oinkmaster does not, that I found. It is why I switched from Oinkmaster to Pulled Pork, myself.

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Hello All:

Does anyone have a recommendation for a default rule set?  I am tuning my snort instances and the information I am finding seems to be that I need to try to keep my rules under 7k.  The default ET rule set is ~15k if I am not mistaken, so I am looking for a good starting point.

If anyone could share any wisdom about disabling whole ranges and/or categories I would very much appreciate it, also if anyone has a standard list of entries to put in my disablesid.conf as a good starting point I would be very grateful.

If it helps, I work for a small private university with a sizeable resident population of students that I am essentially an ISP for and also have the standard office/corporate environment for my faculty/staff users too.  Oh, and I have a full BYOD network on both the student and faculty/staff networks ... so, yeah ... I don't sleep at night.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able offer.

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