[Snort-users] no http traffic detected at all

Doug Burks doug.burks at ...11827...
Fri May 16 06:42:32 EDT 2014

Hi Edwin,

Have you disabled NIC offloading features?

On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 6:04 AM, Edwin Smulders
<edwin.smulders at ...16852...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem I would like some help with, the http inspect preprocessor is not correctly identifying http methods. In my test setup I have 2 machines, 1x Debian 7 ( and 1x CentOS 6.5 ( Both are vmware guests.
> On both these machines I have made a tcpdump of some HTTP requests - just simple wgets.
> On both machines I also have a snort install - from the rpm package and self compiled on the debian machine.
> At first I was thinking the debian install was having problems detecting HTTP traffic, but it’s slightly different.
> When I load the CentOS tcpdump in both installs, they both detect HTTP GET Requests.
> When I load the debian tcpdump in both installs, neither detects HTTP GET Requests.
> I’ve attached the tcpdumps (if that works to the mailing list, otherwise I’ll host them somewhere), can anybody help me find out what is different?
> Note that the same thing happened in the (a bit older) snort version + config in the debian package manager.
> Config for the debian machine: http://paste.debian.net/99908/
> Config for the centos machine: http://paste.debian.net/99909/
> They should be similar except for paths. Most rules should be disabled, this is just about the http inspect preprocessor detecting the correct methods.
> I have output logs for the following commands:
> root at ...16853...:/home/esmulders/snort- /usr/local/bin/snort -c etc/snort.conf -H -U -A cmg -r http-debian.pcap &> snort-debianpcap.log
> root at ...16853...:/home/esmulders/snort- /usr/local/bin/snort -c etc/snort.conf -H -U -A cmg -r http-centos.pcap &> snort-centospcap.log
> snort-debianpcap.log: http://paste.debian.net/99910/
> snort-centospcap.log: http://paste.debian.net/99911/
> In these outputs the relevant lines are:
> GET methods:                          0
> and
> GET methods:                          10
> Can somebody help me debug this? Let me know if you have debugging tips or if I can provide some more information.
> I’m available on Freenode/#snort as Dutchy for direct communication (european timezone/business hours work best for me).
> Regards,
> Edwin
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Doug Burks

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