[Snort-users] Error 500 during update of rule-set using pulled-pork

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Sat May 3 11:43:34 EDT 2014

At the current time, they are the same.

Joel Esler
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On May 3, 2014, at 10:47, "basant subba" <basantsubba at ...11827...<mailto:basantsubba at ...11827...>> wrote:

@Joe: 2961 ruleset is available only for subscribed user and not for registered user. Is it mandatory to have a matching version of snort.conf file and rule set i.e. if I want to download 2960 rule-set I must have a 2960 version snort.conf file ?

On Sat, May 3, 2014 at 7:18 PM, Michael Steele <michaels at ...9077...<mailto:michaels at ...9077...>> wrote:
I’m not sure what your problem is, but upgrading Snort won’t have any effect on the way PP processes the rules.

There is a lot of information out there from multiple people having the same problem.

Try the link below and I’m confident the answer is in there somewhere.


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Subject: [Snort-users] Error 500 during update of rule-set using pulled-pork

I am getting the following error when I am trying to update my rule-set using pulled pork

Checking latest MD5 for snortrules-snapshot-2956.tar.gz....
    Error 500 when fetching http://www.snort.org/reg-rules/snortrules-snapshot-2956.tar.gz.md5 at /usr/local/bin/pulledpork.pl<http://pulledpork.pl> line 463
    main::md5file('*oinkcode', 'snortrules-snapshot-2956.tar.gz', '/tmp/', 'http://www.snort.org/reg-rules/') called at /usr/local/bin/pulledpork.pl<http://pulledpork.pl> line 1847
I am a registered user. Some one in the mailing list told me to upgrade my snort. But even after up-garding my snort to version, I am still getting the same error.

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