[Snort-users] Snort Stats (% Packet Loss)

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Fri May 2 15:32:36 EDT 2014

You must have a line in there that shows >100%.  Usually upon start up you’ll have a line that reads like this.

On May 2, 2014, at 3:17 PM, Kurzawa, Kevin <kkurzawa at ...16800...<mailto:kkurzawa at ...16800...>> wrote:

% Packet Loss from the output of ThePigDoktah shows it over 100%. What is ThePigDoktah reading to get this output?

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In the line you posted here, it appears you dropped 3.44% of packets for that interval.

Joel Esler
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On May 2, 2014, at 15:09, "Kurzawa, Kevin" <kkurzawa at ...16800...<mailto:kkurzawa at ...16800...>> wrote:
I recently set up ThePigDoktah for reading the perfmonitor stats output. The % Packet Loss it is giving is confusing me though.

I set the perfmonitor to poll every 60 seconds.

Tcpdump will read 100,000 packets and not drop a single one from the interface. Even while snort is running.

I also see that the 2nd field in the stats output is the “pkt_drop_percent.” And my numbers hang around 3-5. Not >100.

Can anyone help me understand the % packet loss? Obviously I’m not dropping 100% of my packets, I’m getting alerts and whatnot. I figure I just don’t understand it.

#time,pkt_drop_percent …

Report Info:
        Processed: stats
        First Entry: Fri May  2 14:46:53 2014
        Last Entry: Fri May  2 14:58:53 2014
        Time Span: 0 days, 0 hours, 12 minutes and 0 seconds

        High: 138.603 Mbits/Sec | Fri May  2 14:55:53 2014
        Low: 99.941 Mbits/Sec | Fri May  2 14:46:53 2014
        Avg: 126.206 Mbits/Sec

% Packet Loss:
        High: 124.234% | Fri May  2 14:58:53 2014
        Low: 0.000% | Fri May  2 14:48:53 2014
        Avg: 120.063%

Additional Info:
        Avg Pkt Size: 659.974 bytes
        Avg Syns/Sec: 263.536
        Avg SynAcks/Sec: 263.990
        Avg Alerts/Sec: 0.061
        Avg Current Cached Sessions: 43037.147

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