[Snort-users] output alert_fast: is not anymore a pipe?

Juan Camilo Valencia juan.valencia at ...16028...
Wed Mar 19 16:02:41 EDT 2014

Hi Guys,

I'm upgrading snort from 2.9.3 to snort 2.9.6, previously I was using
barnyard2 to create the output alert_fast: alert file using unified2 format
form snort. Now I upgraded to 2.9.6, I decide to not use barnyard2 for now
and only use the feature
output alert_fast: directly from snort, and what snort does is create a
normal file. What I want to know if this feature changes a long time ago,
if is possible ti have that feature back recompiling the code?, or
definitely is better to continue using barnyard2 for that purpose?.

Thanks for your advance,

Best regards,
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