[Snort-users] Suppressing the SCAN UPnP service alerts

waldo kitty wkitty42 at ...14940...
Wed Jun 25 13:08:34 EDT 2014

On 6/25/2014 2:14 AM, basant subba wrote:
> When I run snort, I get  a lot of "SCAN UPnP service discover attempt" alerts
> with SID 1917? How do I suppress this alert? Which .rules file contains the
> signature corresponding to this alarm? Also is it something I should keep track of?

do you want to suppress it or stop it? suppressing means that it is still 
processed (unless i'm misunderstanding something) but the action (alert, drop, 
etc) is not performed... stopping it means disabling it...

finding a rule is as easy as using a text search tool like grep... this is a 
script i use on my boxen...

$ cat lookuprule

#! /bin/bash
# lookuprule bash script to find snort rules by sid
grep -i -E "sid:\W*$1;" /path/to/snort/*rules*/*.rules

use it like ./lookuprule 1917

it searches all rules directories under /path/to/snort and all the rules files 
in those directories...

a manually typed command line would be

grep -i -E "sid:\W*1917;" /path/to/snort/*rules*/*.rules

once you find the rule file's name, then edit it to comment out (#) that rule...

if you use tools like oinkmaster and pulledpork, they have a disablesid section 
where you list the SIDs of the rules you do not want active. they will ensure 
that these rules are always inactive when you use them to update your rules...

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