[Snort-users] IPS Inline Mode

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From your description and the diagram, I would assume you do not have a mirroring port configured on your switch (first one from the left), since Snort is not even seeing the traffic associated with the machine connected to the same switch as Snort box. Also, you wouldn't be able to see traffic from other machines connected to the remaining switches (second and third from the left) since those machines are running on different switches.

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 09:55:41 +0300
Subject: Re: [Snort-users] IPS Inline Mode
From: erdem at ...16870...
To: snort at ...15979...; snort-users at lists.sourceforge.net

We have 3-4 switches and all switches has 5 pc as average. Additional 7-8 PC connect with WLAN.

I see traffic but ı cant see TCP traffic. 

On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 7:54 PM, Y M <snort at ...15979...> wrote:

How are the "other machines" and Snort are connected (same switch)? Is the interface on Snort connected to mirror port or something similar on the switch? Try running tcpdump and view the packets to verify if you see traffic from other machines. If not, then you need to configure mirroring port on the switch, to which the NIC on Snort box will be connected (promiscuous).

If you get the first problem sorted out, use the guide at http://s3.amazonaws.com/snort-org/www/assets/229/ids2ips.txt to help you with the inline mode using NFQ.


Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 11:51:04 +0300
From: erdem at ...16870...
To: snort-users at lists.sourceforge.net

Subject: [Snort-users] IPS Inline Mode

I am new on Snort
I installed with guide and run IDS mode.

I have two problems. 
Firstly, Snort handle only host machine packets. I write some rules example:
alert tcp any any -> any any (content:"www.facebook.com";msg:"Facebook Accessing";sid:1000001;)
This rule works only machine which installed Snort. Other machines accesses are not handled.

Other problem is Inline Mode.
I run with this command 
snort --daq nfq -Q -c /etc/snort/snort.conf  --daq-dir /usr/local/lib/daq --daq-var device=eth0 -i eth0

Snort gives this error
ERROR: Can't initialize DAQ nfq (-7) - The nfq DAQ module does not support interface or readback mode!
If I remove "-i eth0", Snort works but do not handle any packets

Thanks for replies
Good Works

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