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Tue Jun 24 16:05:19 EDT 2014

May I ask if you're reloading the configuration in the time? We have
reported issues when reloading instead of restarting the configuration
El 24/06/2014 22:03, "conma293" <conma293 at ...11827...> escribió:

> Hey guys still having the issue of snort freezing up after 4-12 days of
> operations, I think it is somehow due to stream5 preprocessor as how many
> days it operates seems to vary.
> Thresholding all s5 (Sid=0) it runs for maybe 14 days.
> When I target the nuisance sids to threshold I've noticed it runs for
> maybe only 8 days.
> When I threshold nothing it runs for less.
> This is driving me crazy - I'm running snort as vm on Ubuntu 12.04 lts on
> top of fedora 16 which contains the db and used to run snort native.
> I'm thinking of rebuilding snort on fedora 20 and possible rebuilding the
> whole host to redhat, does anyone have any comment on that? Fedora v
> Ubuntu?? Problems with s5? Problems with Ubuntu?
> Last question - it would seem maye prudent to wait till snort 2970 is out
> instead of snort 2961 from 2960 .. Any estimate of release date for stable
> release??
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