[Snort-users] Question about Sguil

Jaime Nebrera jnebrera at ...16842...
Sat Jun 21 16:44:22 EDT 2014


> Hopefully you can post something to the list once you guys put the new
project out there!


> Personally, I’m a very visual person, so that “Geolocation” stuff seems
pretty awesome. Well thanks for the info, and good luck with the project!

At this moment we are awaiting a few things to make it public :

* Separate IPS and Flow in distinct modules, as Flow will be open sourced

* Diagnose an issue we are having with Snort when reloading rules.
Seems stream5 related rules stop to work, while if restarting all is ok. We
are able to reproduce this, but are just confirming if it's our culprit or
a Snort bug, that we will report extensively if so

* Close a couple of operations we have to nail ;)
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