[Snort-users] PF_Ring and ntop

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Hi Mike,
Are you using the PF_RING-aware NIC drivers for your HP? What transparent_mode are you running the PF_RING kernel with?
I wouldn't be able to provide statistical data for the performance among the different parts, but here is what I know. The PF_RING DAQ works is an added DAQ module to Snort's own DAQ library. So now DAQ speaks PF_RING (PF_RING-aware libpcap/kernel). PF_RING zc from what I understood from the documentation is the successor of libzero/DNA implementing zero-copy operations which requires a license if you want to run the zc mode (prefixing with zc:). Here is a good article explaining zero-copy: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/j-zerocopy/
Recently I came to know that you can use the zc drivers in standard mode (without prefixing with zc:), which does not require a license. I am in the middle of building a new box in which I will be using the zc drivers in standard mode. We also have a very modest box with PF_RING running two Snort instances (which is nothing) with around 7000+ rules and it is performing very nicely with PF_RING.
This is by all means does not an answer your question but hope it helps.

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Subject: [Snort-users] PF_Ring and ntop

I’m muddling through the documentation for PF_Ring and am making some headway, but am wondering about how things work these days…I’ve got HP DL380G8 servers with intel NICs and I’m pretty sure I’ve got PF_Ring compiled and loaded correctly. TCPdump in the userland tree works better than the TCPdump in the search path, and zcount in the examples_zc folder works. I know there’s different levels of performance improvement to be had in using PF_Ring, PF_Ring DAQ, libzero and PF_Ring ZC, I’m just not sure what’s available without purchasing the license from the ntop folks (which I’d like to do, but my purse strings have been cut) What I really need is the ability to us the ring buffer features to run multiple snort threads, a Single snort instance is easily capping out a single thread, but the 1g nic is only running around 25% utilization. (and snort’s using 7400 rules)   PLEASE NOTE EMAIL, ADDRESS  THERE ARE MULTIPLE MIKE MILLERS AT IHS!Mike J. Miller 
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