[Snort-users] Unified logging doesn't work.

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Wed Jun 11 10:02:11 EDT 2014


Sorry for the mention of sourceforge, no idea why I put that in there, I meant snort.org.

Thank you!


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On 2014-06-10 16:43, Steve Crow wrote:
> I don’t question that your command works, my question has to do with 
> having snort start at boot. The recommended install docs at 
> sourceforge use /etc/init.d/snortd and /etc/sysconfig/snort files.
> But
> they are not designed for unified output as far as I can tell.
> If I go with your command, where do I place it to have snort 
> automatically start up at boot time?
> Thanks again!
> Steve

> Well...I don't recognize the sysconfig file but I can tell you that:
> snort --daq afpacket --daq-mode passive -i eth0:eth1
> Work like a champ and create only one unified file.
> James
> Currently my /etc/rc.local....but I did my own setup. This is just 
> straight command line.
> James

Ah...I understand now.  What distro are you runing?


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