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Please send your requests to the list instead of sending them to me directly. There are smart people on the list that can help, and at the same time, answers become available to all.
Back to your question, Are you trying to compile Snort on Windows? If so, then unfortunately, I can't help with that. If you just want to install Snort on Windows, then Snort website offers an executable that you can download and run (https://www.snort.org/downloads/snort/Snort_2_9_6_2_Installer.exe). Also, search the list as there several references on installing Snort on a Windows platform. If you still want to compile Snort from source, then I would suggest doing so on a Linux flavor of your choosing. Several documents can help in this regard at: https://www.snort.org/documents
Hope this helps.YM

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Subject: Snort installation
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Hello freind.I saw that u r answers some of the questions and I wonder if u could help me to.
I have some issues in installing Snort in order to compile and debug .I tried via visual studio and frome eclipse and after a lot of efforts I might give up. I searched all over the net and didn't found even one good guide for that.
Can u help I'll appreciate it very muchAmir

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