[Snort-users] snort installation and usage

Adrian Sevcenco Adrian.Sevcenco at ...16656...
Sat Jan 18 03:59:48 EST 2014

Hi! I am new to snort and i try to install it.
At this moment is not clear to me what exactly i am supposed to do, an
i am referring to the database option that it seems that it is removed.
All howtos on the net have examples with snort compiled with the option
--with-mysql and this seems to be removed.

So, at this moment my understanding is that
snort writes output to a binary unified2 file
barnyard2 process as input that file at regular time frames or
continuous and outputs the data in a chosen database (if i want
everything in database what should i choose: log or alert?)
the database in question is input for BASE, which also have the sql
script for database initialization in sql director...

Is this ok? do i missed something? does somebody have some example
configuration for barnyard and base? (and some words of wisdom regarding
the configuration of database (i use postgres))

Thank you!

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