[Snort-users] Sensitive_data mask_output doesn't appear to be masking output

James Lay jlay at ...13475...
Thu Jan 9 16:45:57 EST 2014

Here's what I got from the config

preprocessor sensitive_data: alert_threshold 25 mask_output

however the u2 file contains unmasked data.   I'm using a custom rule:

alert tcp $HOME_NET any -> $EXTERNAL_NET [20,21,25] 
(msg:"SENSITIVE-DATA Credit Card Numbers"; metadata:service smtp, 
service ftp-data; sd_pattern:2,credit_card; classtype:sdf; sid:1001; 
gid:138; rev:1;)

and the hit:

14:28:22  [138:1001:1] SENSITIVE-DATA Credit Card Numbers [**] 
[Classification: Sensitive Data was Transmitted Across the Network] 
[Priority: 2] {TCP} x.x.x.x:5969 -> x.x.x.x:25

Is there a way to toubleshoot this?  Thanks all.


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