[Snort-users] Fwd: Snort memory leak?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at ...14940...
Thu Feb 27 19:32:50 EST 2014

On 2/27/2014 5:32 PM, Mirek Suliba wrote:
> Constant growth of memory usage looks a little bit scary but I hope that you are
> right that it will stop at some point. I will run it for a longer period of time
> to check.

is this a *nix box? if yes, *nix will properly use memory to the fullest... it 
is quite normal to see a *nix box using 98% RAM... winwhatever boxen, on the 
other hand, have been much different over the years... using all available 
memory is not a bad thing... it is, in fact, a very good thing... as long as it 
doesn't keep growing beyond what is truly needed ;)

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