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The snort agent exists & still works for pulling events into a 4.10.x source fire DC, but it was discontinued for the 5.x series.

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SourceFire used to have an agent that you could run on snort boxes to feed to DC.  I don't know if they still do now. It was limited in scope, only taking snort events but not a way to manage a single point for the rules. This was 2 years ago that we had talked to a sales guy.  If they don't they will probably recommend the virtual SF.

For what its worth we have 11 Sourcefire devices and 50+ snort sensors and we do no do what you are asking about.  At the time the cost for the agents plus the cost for the larger Defense Center (something that you need to remember will probably need to be increased too) made it very expensive.  We instead use snorby for snort stuff and then feed both sets of alert into Splunk for reporting and quick research.

I would reach out to a SourceFire sales person for updated info.

On Feb 25, 2014 8:52 AM, "SnortFan" <SnortFan at ...131...<mailto:SnortFan at ...979...131...>> wrote:
Hi All,
    Does anyone know if it's possible to feed snort alerts into source fire's defense center? We're looking into adding in a source fire product and thus having a mixed environment.


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