[Snort-users] Allowing windows updates to pass through snort

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Tue Feb 18 12:10:38 EST 2014

Also, I think I mis-read your original post.  Your SNORT isn't running ON a
Windows platform (wasn't familiar with pfsense until I looked it up)...But
rather configured "inline" in IPS mode.  Can't help you there other than
recommended you use it strictly in "sniffing" mode as a IDS until you learn
to tweak the rules to your liking.

SNORT is merely a curiosity and an interesting analysis tool for me.  I have
"better" products for IPS that are less quirky and easier to manage.

Hope you didn't take my original reply wrong.

Good luck.


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OK, I'm a beginner at this and after months of trying to read and teach
myself I cry uncle...

I have Snort running on a pfSense gateway I built a year ago. For the life
of me I cannot figure out how to prevent windows updates from being blocked.
My lame solution is to disable Snort for updates and then restart when done.

I tried setting IPS to Connectivity and even disabling it along w/ the
community rules to no avail.

Any guidance is appreciated


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