[Snort-users] Work Practices of Cyber Security Professionals

Muhammad Adnan muhammad.adnan200 at ...11827...
Mon Feb 17 11:02:22 EST 2014

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a university researcher who is investigating the development of new,
usable tools that will improve the work practices of cyber security
professionals. As a first step to achieve this goal, I am undertaking a
survey to gain an in-depth understanding of the day-to-day activities of
cyber security professionals. The targeted participants for this survey are
those who perform security related activities as a part of their job (e.g.
security analysts, network administrators, penetration testers).

I would be very grateful if you could spare some time and complete this
short (10 minutes) survey for me. It can be accessed at the following link:

If you have questions or concerns about this research, please contact me (
Muhammad.Adnan at ...16700...) or my Ph.D. supervisor Dr. Mike Just (
Mike.Just at ...16700...), both at the Interactive and Trustworthy Technologies
research group (http://www.ittgroup.org/), Glasgow Caledonian University,

Kind regards,
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