[Snort-users] Barnyard2 problems with reputation preproc rules

Dave Corsello snort-users at ...15598...
Wed Feb 12 12:26:44 EST 2014


I started getting insert errors again on the new 5.5 database, so I
upgraded the MySQL library files on my Snort sensors to 5.5 this morning.

FYI the libraries that I needed to update were libmysqlclient-dev,
libmysqlclient18 (which is the 5.5 version; libmysqlclient16 is the 5.1
version) and mysql-common.  I couldn't find the source for these, and
they aren't available in the ubuntu package system (they're available
for ubuntu 12.04, but not for 10.04).  After searching for awhile, I was
able to find them on ubuntuupdates.org.  After running
`add-apt-repository ppa:nathan-renniewaldock/ppa` I was able to install
the libraries with apt-get.  Barnyard2 wouldn't run without a
recompile.  The only configuration option I use is --with-mysql.

Just before sending this message I checked and found that there was an
insert error.  As before, the records are in the database, so the
initial transaction must be failing, followed by a successful
transaction.  Back to square 1.


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