[Snort-users] Getting Incorrect URL Error Message for a working URL

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Tue Feb 11 17:41:22 EST 2014

Hey Guys,

Sorry to double post, but I think I may have found the problem...

Looking at the Perl code for oinkmaster.pl I found the section that checks 
the URL by comparing it to a REGEX... You can see in the snippet of code 
below, that the regex wants the URL to end with ".tar.gz" --or-- ".tgz"... 
Which is why my URL wouldn't work...

        Here is the REGEX from the Snippet below ==> 

__________________________                      __________________________
                                    CODE SNIPPET
# Make sure all urls look ok, and untaint them.
my @urls = @{$config{url}};
$#{$config{url}} = -1;
foreach my $url (@urls) {
        clean_exit("incorrect URL: \"$url\"")
unless ($url =~ /^((?:https*|ftp|file|scp):\/\/.+\.(?:tar\.gz|tgz))$/
        || $url =~ /^(dir:\/\/.+)/);

my $ok_url = $1;
:.....MORE CODE.....
________________________END CODE SNIPPET________________________

The problem is my URL actually ends with my Oinkcode and  NOT the file 

I think I'll try to adjust the REGEX to match MY url and give it another 
try in the morning... I'll let you guys know what happens just in case 
anyone else has or had this issue and isn't familiar with Perl and/or 
REGEXs. Although, I could probably just remove the '$' at the end of the 
REGEX and it should probably work just fine since that matches the end of 
the line, and by including "^" at the start, and '$' at the end, it's 
basically saying it has to start and end exactly like this..... And 
removing the '$' will basically just make it want to see that ".tar.gz" or 
".tgz" is included somewhere in the URL...

I'll post back shortly. Again, sorry about double posting...

Thanks Again,

From:   MMartin at ...16693...
To:     snort-users at lists.sourceforge.net
Date:   02/11/2014 05:12 PM
Subject:        [Snort-users] Getting Incorrect URL Error Message for a 
working URL

Hello All, 

Installed Version: Snort v2.9.6.0  --and--  Oinkmaster v2.0 

Let me start by saying I am new to Snort, but I have it configured and 
running in IDS mode. The issue I'm having is with Oinkmaster.pl, which is 
telling me the URL I am giving is incorrect. Sorry if this was asked 
before, but I tried checking the mail-list's archive for a similar 
situation at but without a search function it was impossible to find a 
similar case... 

But anyway, I am a registered User on snort.org and I generated an 
"Oinkcode" from My Account page in order to get a URL configured for 
oinkmaster to update my rules. 

I added the following URL from my "My Oinkcode" page, under "Registered 
User Release", which was generated using my specific code that was given 
to me, which I added  to my "/etc/oinkmaster.conf" file: (*FYI, I hid my 
OinkCode with 'xxx....' below) 


This link was the default one given as an example so I tried the 
".../snortrules-snapshot-2960.tar.gz/..." because that is the Snort 
version I currently have installed, and when I open that in a browser I 
get this error below..: 

Snort.org Rule Pack Download Error:
     Subscription: false
     No rule pack with this filename is available to you.

I assume since this is the newest version of Snort available, the rules 
are not yet ready for download...? 
So I tried the next newest release, which was --> 


I entered that URL above into a browser, and when the page loads I'm 
prompted with a download dialog to download the snortrules-snapshot. 
Since I got a download prompt I assume this is the correct URL for me to 
use. So I entered the following line in my oinkmaster.conf file: 

url = 

Now, when I run the oinkmaster command to update/download the newest 
rule's file I get an error about the URL, see below: 

# oinkmaster -o /etc/snort/rules 
Loading /etc/oinkmaster.conf 

/usr/local/bin/oinkmaster: Error: incorrect URL: "

Oink, oink. Exiting... 

Since the URL works in a browser I'm not sure why it wouldn't work from 
the oinkmaster.pl command..? 
Does anyone know why this would be happening? Any thoughts or suggestions 
would be much appreciated. 

Thanks in Advance, 

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