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Oops - try now.
-- Works perfectly. Thanks RussYM 

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I am getting 404 for the download links :)


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Snort++ Extras

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Snort++ Extras
Snort++ is all about plugins. It has over 140 by default and makes it easy to add more in C++ or LuaJIT. This post will walk you through building and running a set of extra example plugins. If you haven't installed and verified Snort++, you will need to do
 that first. We will cover the following topics: 

OverviewDownloadBuild ExtrasRun ExtrasNext Steps
The following things are pluggable in Snort++: 

codec - decode and encode support for a given protocoldata - additional configuration for inspectorsinspector - replaces Snort preprocessorsips_option - IPS rule option like content and byte_testips_action - IPS rule action like alert and blocksearch_engine - fast pattern matcherlogger - event handersSO rules - dynamic rules
There are two extra tarballs, once for autotools and one for cmake: 


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