[Snort-users] error 500 last several days

Dmitry Melekhov dm at ...13301...
Fri Dec 12 00:32:10 EST 2014


I get following:

hecking latest MD5 for snortrules-snapshot-2962.tar.gz....
     Error 500 when fetching 
https://www.snort.org/reg-rules/snortrules-snapshot-2962.tar.gz.md5 at 
/etc/pulledpork/pulledpork.pl line 463
'snortrules-snapshot-2962.tar.gz', '/tmp/', 
'https://www.snort.org/reg-rules/') called at 
/etc/pulledpork/pulledpork.pl line 1847

last several days, when I try to update rules using pulledpork.
Previously it worked.

Could you tell me are there any changes? What can I do to resolve this?

Thank you!

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