[Snort-users] Bug in

Starner, Mark mark.starner at ...5850...
Wed Aug 27 14:24:27 EDT 2014

A rule (ET Rule 2012647) has the following threshold in the rule:
threshold: type limit, count 1, seconds 300, track by_src


Prior to upgrading to, this worked as expected, one alert every 5

Since upgrading to on 8/15, now we are seeing the behavior where the
rule will fire, wait 5 minutes, then fire again, and again and again.


But, it doesn't start out this way. After a restart of Snort (STOP and
START) it is fine, it alerts once every 5 minutes, for a while, and then at
some point during the day, it will start reporting all alerts, until snort
is STOPped and STARTed. Then it goes back to the proper behavior. (A Kill
-HUP of the snort process does NOT reset  to the proper behavior, only a
STOP/START temporarily fixes it).


Anyone else see this or have any suggestions?


Is this a Bug in



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