[Snort-users] 10GbE & 40GbE Support for Multiple Parallel Snort Instances

Scott Schweitzer schweitzer.scott at ...11827...
Mon Aug 25 17:12:34 EDT 2014

If you are seeking a method to support multiple parallel instances of Snort on a 10GbE or 40GbE interface you might want to consider Solarflare’s SolarCapture on their Flareon adapter line.  SolarCapture has a feature that supports application clustering that supports N instances of Snort up to the total number of cores in the server, then it uses Receive Flow Steering (advanced form of RSS) to spread flows across cores (based on a tuple hash). 

It also can make a single copy of the incoming traffic so you can sniff packets into a libpcap compliant, clustered Snort environment while still delivering the packets to kernel for their initial destination. To learn more check out this link <http://www.solarflare.com/SolarCapture-Packet-Capture-Software>, or contact me for the User’s Guide. 

-- Scott Schweitzer

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