[Snort-users] darpa dataset problem(zero alert)

stephane.nasdrovisky at ...12261... stephane.nasdrovisky at ...12261...
Sun Aug 10 00:32:38 EDT 2014

default rules in windows = none (if your rules directory is empty, that’s your issue, otherwise, pulledpork may help)
commmunity rules: https://www.snort.org/downloads/community/community-rules.tar.gz (with a glitch in my browset:un added .tar)

other (newer ?) pcap archives:
http://www.ll.mit.edu/mission/communications/cyber/CSTcorpora/ideval/data/ : darpa
http://www.ist-mome.org/database/MeasurementData/?cmd=databrowse : registration required

> I've tested snort with adding general rule such (alert icmp any any -> any any (msg: "test";sid=) ) and it working well in generating alert but
> with default rule set it generate no alert for darpa dataset pcap files!

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