[Snort-users] New project with intention to shorten installation time of snort +++ on Centos

Bogdan Grabinski bogdan at ...16812...
Fri Apr 25 01:04:32 EDT 2014

The new project is on:

I intend to shorten installation time of snort  and other Linux security 
software , and use scripts to do so.
Reading 10 pages to install this pork's, pigs ...:-D is error prone, and 
not for production environment.
Imagine installing all Centos software in pig pork fashion.

barnyard2  rpm creation script ( barnyard2.spec ) is not working in 
version 2-1.13
The version is not standard and breaks the rpm creation with errors.
barnyard2 version need to confirm to standard notation using dots. as: 
2.1.13 and not 2-1.13
or the version is 1.13 and tar file naming need to be fixed. ( to be 
confirmed ).

There are issues and issues.
IDS and next IPS, HIPS systems need to be as standard distribution of 

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