[Snort-users] ERROR: ../rules/blacklist.rules(22) Unknown ClassType: trojan-activity

Rameez Qureshi rameez_q at ...16117...
Fri Apr 11 13:39:08 EDT 2014


I still seem to be getting problems and cant seem to find an answer for the following erorr:

Initializing rule chains...
ERROR: ../rules/blacklist.rules(22) Unknown ClassType: trojan-activity
Fatal Error, Quitting..

I have no whitelist/blacklist rules added and found answers online pointing to possible problems with my classification.config and reference.config however I havent touched these files and dont know why its giving this error

The error which points to line 22 is the following in the snort.conf:
#     test mode -T you are required to supply an interface -i <interface>
#     or test mode will fail to fully validate the configuration and
#     exit with a FATAL error

I have ran snort in this mode with the following command: root at ...11994...:/usr/src# snort -T -i -c snort.conf

I have attached my snort.conf

Any help is greatly appreciated

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