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Can we also strip the language out of the README at the same time?


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I remember reading that paragraph in the manual when I started working here.

It is a legacy and you would do well just to forget it. Once upon a time it was true. HTTP Inspect included "stateless" and "stateful" processing, except that the latter was actually nothing but lengthy hooks for an unimplemented feature. Hence the paragraph.

Snort went a different direction a long time ago. Protocol Aware Flushing (PAF) was developed and HTTP was integrated with streams and TCP processing. Modern HTTP Inspect has many session-aware features.

By strange coincidence a colleague of mine removed the old "stateful" hooks from the source code last week. They will be gone in a future open source release.


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Subject: [Snort-users] Preprocessor :: HTTP Inspect

Hi All,
   I have a query regarding preprocessor http_inspect.

In snort doc directory the file README.http_inspect says:

"The current version of HTTP Inspect only handles stateless processing.  This
means that HTTP Inspect looks for HTTP fields on a packet-by-packet basis, and
will be fooled if packets are not reassembled.  This works fine when there is
another module handling the reassembly, but there are limitations in analyzing
the protocol.  Future versions will have a stateful processing mode which will
hook into various reassembly modules."

We are getting this overview for all snort releases from to

So, in which future version of snort we can expect to get "stateful processing" after reassembling (and uncompressing) http packets in http_inspect preprocessor or is it already there ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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