[Snort-users] From IDS to IPS

James Lay jlay at ...13475...
Mon Apr 7 11:19:44 EDT 2014

I've converted from IDS to IPS on a slackware box, so I thought I'd 
share how to get nfq working:

install the below lib/dev
recompile libdnet
recompile daq
recompile snort

Specific to slackware I had to compile the lib* from source with:

./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib64

Regardless of distro (I got this working with Ubuntu as well), 
recompiling libdnet AFTER installing the new lib* packages above is the 
secret to getting snort to see nfq....even though daq ./configure may 
show you have everything:

Build AFPacket DAQ module.. : yes
Build Dump DAQ module...... : yes
Build IPFW DAQ module...... : yes
Build IPQ DAQ module....... : yes
Build NFQ DAQ module....... : yes
Build PCAP DAQ module...... : yes

if you don't recompile libdnet after installing new libmnl, 
libnfnetlink, and libnetfilter_queue snort itself will not see nfq:

Available DAQ modules:
pcap(v3): readback live multi unpriv
nfq(v7): live inline multi
ipq(v6): live inline multi
ipfw(v3): live inline multi unpriv
dump(v2): readback live inline multi unpriv
afpacket(v5): live inline multi unpriv

Hope this will help those trying to get inline to work.  Also keep in 
mind that ipq is no longer supported with Ubuntu 13 and above.


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