[Snort-users] Barnyard2 showing no records

Greg Martin grmartin at ...16200...
Wed Sep 25 10:05:18 EDT 2013

We have had Snort running now for a couple of months and there have really
been no issues, but now all of a sudden information is not being sent from
Barnyard2.  It just states that it is waiting for data.  I checked
connections going from the snort machine to our mirrored port on our switch
and the connection seems fine.  I am going to logon to the switch once I get
an issue resolved with my logon to the switch.  Anyhow, I was wondering if
you might have any ideas or be able to suggest further troubleshooting on
this issue?  I restarted the snort machine as well and this did not make a
difference either.


Greg Martin

Technology Advancement Officer

Integrity Bank

717-920-3697 (office)

717-395-5983 (cell)

 <mailto:gmartin at ...16200...> gmartin at ...16200...


Best Bank


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