[Snort-users] Error on pulledpork

Anshuman Anil Deshmukh anshuman at ...16510...
Thu Sep 26 03:11:04 EDT 2013

Thank you James. It worked. But I have a question based on the output that I get for pulledpork (see output below).

Question : There is no output generated for creation of stub files, so does it mean that the current stub files doesn't require any changes? The timestamp when the stub files were created was 30 Aug 2013. No changes thereafter? How often are so_rules updated?


##### Start


      _____ ____

     `----,\    )

      `--==\\  /    PulledPork v0.7.0 - Swine Flu!


     .-~~~~-.Y|\\_  Copyright (C) 2009-2013 JJ Cummings

  @_/        /  66\_  cummingsj at ...11827...<mailto:cummingsj at ...11827...>

    |    \   \   _(")

     \   /-| ||'--'  Rules give me wings!

      \_\  \_\\


Checking latest MD5 for snortrules-snapshot-2950.tar.gz....

        No Match


Rules tarball download of snortrules-snapshot-2950.tar.gz....

        They Match


Prepping rules from snortrules-snapshot-2950.tar.gz for work....


Reading rules...

Generating Stub Rules....

        An error occurred: WARNING: ip4 normalizations disabled because not inline.

        An error occurred: WARNING: tcp normalizations disabled because not inline.

        An error occurred: WARNING: icmp4 normalizations disabled because not inline.

        An error occurred: WARNING: ip6 normalizations disabled because not inline.

        An error occurred: WARNING: icmp6 normalizations disabled because not inline.


Reading rules...

Setting Flowbit State....

        Enabled 37 flowbits


Writing /etc/snort/rules/snort.rules....


Generating sid-msg.map....


Writing v1 /etc/snort/sid-msg.map....


Writing /var/log/sid_changes.log....


Rule Stats...



        Enabled Rules:----4924

        Dropped Rules:----0

        Disabled Rules:---13837

        Total Rules:------18761

No IP Blacklist Changes


Please review /var/log/sid_changes.log for additional details

Fly Piggy Fly!

##### End



From: James Lay [mailto:digitalx00 at ...11827...]
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 6:13 PM
To: Snort
Subject: Re: [Snort-users] Error on pulledpork

On Sep 25, 2013, at 6:17 AM, Anshuman Anil Deshmukh <anshuman at ...16510...<mailto:anshuman at ...16510...>> wrote:

Writing /etc/snort/rules....

Unable to write /etc/snort/rules - Is a directory

at pulledpork.pl line 1134

        main::rule_write('HASH(0x300c4b8)', '/etc/snort/rules', undef) called at pulledpork.pl line 2011


Also attached is my pulledpork.pl, pulledpork.conf and permissions for sid-msg.map, snort folder and rules file.



>From your conf file:

# What path you want the .rules file containing all of the processed

# rules? (this value has changed as of 0.4.0, previously we copied

# all of the rules, now we are creating a single large rules file

# but still keeping a separate file for your so_rules!



You specified a directory, and the app requires a filename...try /etc/snort/rules/snort.rules


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