[Snort-users] redBorder IPS Community 2.2.28 Released

Jaime Nebrera jnebrera at ...13472...
Tue Sep 10 09:44:49 EDT 2013

Dear all Snort users,

We are pleased to announce the availability of redBorder IPS 2.2.28 
Community Release for public download. This will be the last 2.x release 
in preparation of the upcoming 3.0 release.

Major improvements are:

* GeoIP based protection based on Maxmind libraries and our enhancement 
to original reputation preprocessor 
* Network Operations Center style dashboard with per user definable widgets
* Improved event filtering capabilities
* Improved event reporting capabilities
* Snort 2.9.4 upgrade
* Open source TokuDB storage engine for big database scenarios
* Bugsolving

As with all other community releases, the software is available for free 
under Affero GPL license for registered users at www.redborder.net Also, 
as a community release, we don't provide a mechanism to upgrade an 
existing deployment, thus you would have to start it all over.

Next redBorder IPS release will be a major overhaul as all the current 
SQL based backend will be replaced by a BigData / Kafka based mechanism, 
allowing for perfect horizontal scalability and inclusion of a 
correlation engine, but as this release has been delayed until last 
quarter, we have decided to make public the most current stable release.

We would like to thank Sourcefire for Snort, Dustin Webber for Snorby 
and Ntop for DAQ enhancements, as they form the base we have tried to 
enhance. Also, we would like to thank our clients and sponsors for 
allowing us to make this software public.

Enjoy !!!

PS.- I work for ENEO Tecnologia, the company behind the redBorder project

Jaime Nebrera - jnebrera at ...13472...
Consultor TI - ENEO Tecnologia SL
C/ Manufactura 2, Edificio Euro, Oficina 3N
Mairena del Aljarafe - 41927 - Sevilla
Telf.- 955 60 11 60 / 619 04 55 18

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