[Snort-users] Unrecognised syslog facility/priority in snort

Mayur Patil ram.nath241089 at ...11827...
Fri Sep 6 03:03:59 EDT 2013

Hi Pravin,

   I am attaching the output of following files

     [1] rsyslog.conf of client machine  http://fpaste.org/37490/

     [2] rsyslog.conf of server machine http://fpaste.org/37491/

     [3] snort.conf:  http://fpaste.org/37493/

  I am stuck on this issue. Please help !!

  I am getting snort.log files on remote server when I restart snort.

  but unable to get "alert" files log which is the utmost important part -  snort machine - other client server machine

  Thanks !*

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