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Thu Nov 28 02:44:05 EST 2013


I have tried udp fllod using hping on snort .

hping3 --rand-source --udp <victim ip>

I havenot specified any rule just stated snort.

Barnyard giving follwing o/p

Opened spool file '/var/log/snort/snort.u2.1385615747'
11/28-10:52:59.013928  [**] [1:1000002:0] Snort Alert [1:1000002:0] [**]
[Classification ID: 0] [Priority ID: 0] {TCP} ->
INFO: Current event with event_id [1] Event Second:Microsecond
[1385616179:13928] and signature id of [1000002] was logged with a revision
of [0]
      Make sure you verify your triggering  rule body so it include the
snort keyword "rev:xxx;" Where xxx is greater than 0
>>>>>>The event has not been logged to the database<<<<<<

I have to specify my rule for detection ? Snort must have signature to
detecet this then why this kind of o/p?

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