[Snort-users] Malware detection with Snort

Salvo ilasa01 at ...16562...
Tue Nov 26 11:14:32 EST 2013

You will likely receive other and better answers. There are several
approaches for the same problem.

In term of forensic investigation, unless you have a commercial software
which can assist in the identification of the malware, I would focus in
your FW or adding a FW in the suspicious subnet. You need to identify
the outbound traffic and from where the attack comes from. In fact,
reading your e-mail, I am under the impression that you are not sure
about it. Some FW have good analytic but if that is not your case, then
you need help from a SIEM package which triggers an alert when the
malware kicks-off. Snort can also help with the outbound traffic, but
you need to identify which computer or sub-net is affected if you have a
large IT security environment with thousands of computers and tens of
sub-nets. If your SMTP server is UNIX and listening at port 25, you can
also use the access list and relay-domains, but it may cause some
inconvenient with your users and the way how the e-mails are handled,
when you start filtering.

Salvatore ILardo

On 11/25/2013 05:50 PM, Daniel Calvo Castro wrote:
> Hi list,
> I´m new to network forensics and I´m wondering what would be the best
> approach in order to detect a possible malware which is attacking a
> famous online site from inside my organization on port 25 as far as I
> know, that is what I thought in first instance:
>  - Take Core? switch,configure port mirroring and start sniffing with
> snort, filtering by ip address of the online site being attacked and
> store the bunch of data for further analysis and reporting.
> Is there some further measures / resources / tools / open source
> projects or experience that would help me to detect the compromised
> system? Im reading Malware Analysis Cookbook and getting some cool ideas.
> Any help would be appreciated
> Thanks in advance!
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