[Snort-users] PP and community rules

Phil Daws uxbod at ...14273...
Thu Mar 28 10:33:18 EDT 2013

Change line 438 in pulledpork.pl to be:

elsif ( $base_url =~ /(emergingthreats\.net|emergingthreatspro\.com|snort-org.*community)/i ) {

as coded in the SVN release.

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Seems to not be happy with it..this shorts circuits my update process:


Checking latest MD5 for snortrules-snapshot-2941.tar.gz....

       They Match


Prepping rules from snortrules-snapshot-2941.tar.gz for work....


Checking latest MD5 for emerging.rules.tar.gz....

       No Match


Rules tarball download of emerging.rules.tar.gz....

       They Match


Prepping rules from emerging.rules.tar.gz for work....

Use of uninitialized value $getrules_md5 in numeric eq (==) at
/opt/bin/pulledpork.pl line 444.

Use of uninitialized value $getrules_md5 in numeric eq (==) at
/opt/bin/pulledpork.pl line 449.

Use of uninitialized value $getrules_md5 in concatenation (.) or string
at /opt/bin/pulledpork.pl line 453.

       Error  when fetching
ar.gz.md5 at /opt/bin/pulledpork.pl line 453

       main::md5file('Community', 'community-rules.tar.gz', '/tmp/',
'https://s3.amazonaws.com/snort-org/www/rules/community/') called at
/opt/bin/pulledpork.pl line 1758


Checking latest MD5 for community-rules.tar.gz....



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