[Snort-users] Using pulled pork to change rule state from alert to drop for a policy type

Tony Robinson deusexmachina667 at ...11827...
Sun Mar 24 13:41:01 EDT 2013

Hello Folks,

I'm doing some experimentation with snort. I'm trying to document effective
ways to transition a passive snort installation into an inline mode
installation. Near as far as I can tell, there are a few key things you
need to do with a modern snort installation to transition it to inline mode:

1. Configure DAQ for inline mode operation (e.g. afpacket and the
interfaces you want to bridge

2. Ensure the interfaces are configured to be up at boot and ready to
forward traffic.

3.Test to ensure the interfaces are forwarding traffic as expected.

4. Modify your snort command line to add the -Q option, and your snort.conf
with config policy_mode:inline

5. Modify your snort rules to drop traffic in inline mode.

My question revolves around 5. I'm well aware that pulled pork, via
dropsid.conf, can be used to change alert rules to drop rules. I'm worried
about haphazardly changing all the rules in my snort.rules file to DROP ALL

What I would like to do: If I see a rule with policy metadata that
recommends the rule be set to drop, I want to change that rule from alert
to drop. Let's pick on sid 1:10011 -- SERVER-MAIL Novell NetMail APPEND
command buffer overflow attempt, just to illustrate what I'm trying to do.

It has the line "metadata:policy security-ips drop" indicating that: "If
the user is using a security over connectivity ruleset, this would make a
good drop rule in that rule policy configuration."

If I am using a given rule policy configuration in pulled pork (balanced,
connectivity or security), and I see a rule with metadata that indicates a
given rule would make a good drop rule for that policy ruleset (metadata:
policy balanced-ips || policy connectivity-ips || policy security-ips)  , I
want to use pulledpork to change it to a drop rule. Is there an effective
way to do this?

If there is not, I think this would make for an awesome feature request in

when does reality end? when does fantasy begin?
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