[Snort-users] botnets

John York YorkJ at ...7109...
Fri Mar 22 11:06:18 EDT 2013

BotHunter at www.bothunter.net is designed for this.  It's been a while since I looked, but I believe it is based on Snort.

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One option is to generate your own by setting up a honeypot to collect  pcaps and  carve Malware files.


On 03/21/2013 08:13 PM, Pratik Narang wrote:
nobody got any information on these datasets ??    

On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 5:41 PM, Pratik Narang <pratik.cse.bits at ...11827...> wrote:
Dear Snort users, 

Any ideas from where can I get appropriate botnet datasets (network traces from infected machines) which i can test against my Snort set-up? I am particularly interested in P2P based botnets.

On a side note, any ideas from where i can get source codes or exe files for the same?? I have no intention of launching attacks- just need them for learning purposes.


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