[Snort-users] Writing a "not" snort rule

JJC cummingsj at ...11827...
Tue Mar 19 14:35:50 EDT 2013

He probably gets payed way too much already, this "Joe" character ;-)

On a serious note, do a search in the snort_manual for the keyword
"negate" and around page 182, and other locations, you will find your


On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 12:30 PM,  <ntbuck12 at ...131...> wrote:
> Attention Joe and snort rule writers. I have read a fair amount of
> information on writing rules, but now I am stuck on how to to this.
> How could I detect on the following scenario? - Alert on any packet that
> contains ANYTHING OTHER THAN "message1", "message2" or "message3", in a
> certain field.
> Obviously I could use offset and depth to narrow down to the field I'm
> looking at, but now to a do a "negative search". Ideas?
> Side Note: I'm pretty sure whatever Joe Esler gets paid isn't nearly enough.
> I love the blogs too, Joe.
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