[Snort-users] Non-root user for DAQ nfq

Chinmay Mahata chinmay_mahata at ...3390...
Mon Mar 18 08:40:42 EDT 2013

   Is there a way to run snort as a non root user when using nfq as DAQ?

I tried to run snort with command line arguments "-u snort -g snort" for running it under a non-root user. But getting error/warning "cannot set uid and gid - nfq DAQ does not support unprivileged operation". And snort is running for user "root".

Other details:
    Snort version:
    DAQ version: 0.5

Please let me know how can I run snort with nfq (DAQ) as a non-root user.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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