[Snort-users] BASE 100% TCP ?

Joao Daniel Neves joaodanielnevesss at ...125...
Tue Mar 12 08:59:47 EDT 2013

Snort Enthusiasts,

I have deployed a Snort with BASE as a GUI. I have attached the BASE Main screen on this e-mail. If you cant see this jpg I have also upload to this site http://servicos.cafecomchips.com.br/Novo/Upload/Exibir_Foto.php?foto=b34243fef3.png

My doubt is  about something in base main screen. As you can see all my traffic is TCP, I haven't any alerts for port scanner. Or even I don't have any UDP traffic what is very stranger since there are DNS query going out the interface that snort is listenning.

What can explaint it?

Further more I have ran port scanner against this snort and it seems that it did not catch it*

*This snort was deployed on a Firewall machine and I ran the port scanner in the same interface that snort is listenning, from a outside machine.

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