[Snort-users] Error app-detect.rules (18) Unknown ClassType:

Jim Turner JTurner at ...16132...
Mon Mar 11 22:29:59 EDT 2013

I have found that if I # all of the site specific rules,  that I can commence packet processing.

I can also enable rules one at a time, and as long as I don't enable the wrong rules, I am able to start as well.

Is the problem with the rules that I downloaded after installing?  I am running, but since I downloaded the free rules, they appear to be a month old.

Would I get past my problem if I subscribe and get the latest rule set?

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Subject: [Snort-users] Error app-detect.rules (18) Unknown ClassType:

Hello Everyone,

I am still having problems.  I was able to fix my path problems / vs. \.

I am now getting the following error when initializing rule chains.

Error: c:\snort\rules\app-detect.rules(18) Unknown ClassType: web-application-attack

Fatal Error, Quitting..

Could not create the registry key

Please help!  I would really like to get this box in use tomorrow morning.

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